Tuesday, December 1, 2009

While They Sleep

People are drawn to cute ideas. We love to look at pictures of adorable creations. But beyond that, we want to know how to make them! And that is why Hannah at While They Sleep is amazing. She has twins AND a newborn AND she makes amazing patterns for her shop.
I was first drawn to her site by these adorably cute leather shoes:
What? They're made from an old thrifted purse?? Sign me up! (Tutorial can be found HERE on her blog).

Next, she impressed me with her one-of-a-kind Pod Swaddler pattern. We all know how easily babes wiggle their way out of a blanket. Her Pod Swaddler solves that problem. You can find the pattern HERE in her shop.
And I just spotted this today. She calls it, The Scoop. It's a blanket, it's a playmat, it's a bag! Totally cool. And you can make it. Check out her pattern HERE.
Hannah, you sure get a lot done while they sleep! Welcome to MADE, as our newest sponsor.
You can always find her SHOP button in the left-hand column.

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