Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I did a little shopping

and it came today, in this little box. Would you like to see inside?
Beautiful silver links, one dainty pearl, and an open circle charm with two names: lucy and owen. It's called the Open Circle Bracelet.
Yes, I love it too (though I'm not sure how great I am at being a hand model?)
Made by Lisa Leonard Designs, all of her jewelry is stunning. It's handmade, customized, and there's something for everybody. Still need a gift for Dad? She has a cool line of items for men. Thank You Lisa Leonard. We all need more gift options for the boys.
Need a baby gift? Check out her baby spoons. Actually, just go look at everything. I'm a sucker for pretty pictures. And these are all eye-catching.

Now the only secret is, who's name will go on that tag?
I guess we'll find out Christmas morning!

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