Monday, June 28, 2010

Pop-Tarts Giveaway, Part 2 of 2 (CLOSED)

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Pop-Tarts.

Hello again Pop-Tarts friends. Okay, it was so much to read your comments from the last post. I can't believe how many of you have been eating these things your whole life! You made me feel right at home since I thought I'd share another secret with you.....

I love them too and having been a Pop-Tarts follower for years! There I've said it. They're yummy! Need a box? I've got 4....
Growing up in a family of 6, Pop-Tarts were sort of a luxury and we each got our own special box in our Christmas stocking. Dreamy.

So...when I got to college and could buy/eat whatever I wanted Pop-Tarts became part of my on-the-go lunch routine. Seriously, a package of Brown Sugar Cinnamon was the perfect thing to snack on during a boring lecture. And since that flavor was low-fat, I felt pretty good about the habit. Of course, if I wasn't careful walking to class with a bag full of heavy books and yummy Pop-Tarts, the poor pastries were munched up when I opened the bag.
And the same thing is true now when I throw a packet in my purse for the kids to snack on.
I'm always trying to protect the Pop-Tarts from getting smashed in my purse. Silly, I know. But these are things I think about!
So with this Pop-Tarts campaign in mind, I put my creative skills to use and created a better way for transporting your Pop-Tarts (or any fun treat).....
a Pop-Tarts pouch!
Made with Vinyl (for easy cleaning/wiping) I inserted plastic canvas into the pouch to give it support and protect the treats inside.
The patriotic colors were really fun to sew with and when I brought them out for the kids, it felt like a party. They were both excited to see what was inside their vinyl pouch.
Pop-Tarts! Thanks Mom!
They immediately started chowing.
The pouches were perfect for our favorite kid-time activity.....just hanging out around town or going to the park. Wherever we are, Lucy wants to stop and "have a picnic". And so, we did just that:
We ate our favorite Vanilla Milkshake Pop-Tarts,
inspected them to see which sprinkle colors we could find,
danced and jumped around,
and had fun being kids (me included). I got a pouch too, with a big red bow on top.
But I'll be sharing more about the Pop-Tart pouches, with a complete tutorial, later.
Right now, let's talk about you winning a $100 Visa Giftcard!

As stated in the previous Pop-Tarts post, this is a two-part Giveaway series. So the comments from this giveaway and the last giveaway will be combined for ONE big winner.

Giveaway Rules:
* Leave a comment
* Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS in your comment.
* Only ONE entry per person.
* If you forget something and need to leave a second comment, go back and DELETE your first comment.
* Only open to US RESIDENTS, 18 years or older.
* Comments from this post and the previous Giveaway post will be combined for ONE winner.
* Winner will be picked via and emailed with additional info.
* Giveaway will run for one week and ends SUNDAY 7/4/10 at 6pm (Central Time).

Check out how other bloggers are enjoying their Pop-Tarts HERE.
And you can see all the very official rules for the contest HERE.

Go browse the Sprinklings site and find your favorite Ice Cream Shoppe flavor. You'll feel like a kid again too.


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Eileen said...

i'm too late for your contest, but i just have to say how fun to read about your pop tart love, your pouches and those children of yours are just adorable--have to say they're almost as cute as my grandbabies, and your little boy definitely reminds me of my littlest grandson--that scrunched up nose is so cute and spencer's does the same thing--in good times and in bad!! thanks for sharing a post that made me laugh out loud!! have a great day--happy birthday, America!!!!!!!!!!

MusicalMommy said...

I have started to do research on how to make my own reusable sandwich wrap for my girls lunch box. I think I am going to use some kind of PLU possibly for the inside and something that lays flat then folds up with velcro. Only issue is that I know there is a patent out for one so you may not be able to do a turorial, unless you change it somehow. PLU thought should be able to be washed easy?? I am onto thinking back to school projects. Go Green lunch. :)

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