Friday, January 8, 2010

What are Lucy and Owen wearing? FOREVER YOU

It's a funny thing, being a sewer. People assume that you make everything and that you'd never want a hand-made/sewn gift from someone else (when you could make it yourself?) Both, NOT TRUE! I love handmade gifts. And I love buying other people's creations too.
So, here are a few items I just couldn't resist....

From the Forever You shop, this little chocolate summer dress. I can't decide if my favorite part is the little label on back:
Or the sweet button and gather on Front? Or the serged edges? Or.....hmmm....I think I just love it all! And the fabric is so soft, I wish I had one too!
Upcycled from a men's T-shirt, Forever You is not only adorable but Earth-conscious as well.
The shop has an entire section devoted to Save Our Planet, where 25% of each sale is donated to the organization So when you receive, you're actually giving back!

Lucy's worn a lot of dresses in her day and I have to say, this one stayed on ALL DAY LONG. She didn't want to take it off.
I guess when it's soft, girly, and you get to eat chocolates while wearing it, who would take it off?
Thank you FOREVER YOU! I wish you could have seen the excitement on my face when your package arrived in the mail....
...because there were even more treats inside!
I almost died over this sweet wallet! Made from an old pillow sham:
The quilting is fabulous, the color is perfect, the label is just too cute. I'm completely in love.
And for Owen....something to kick around in. How about these little blue pants/shorts with the FOREVER YOU Logo stamped on front?! YES!
Owen was more than pleased with my purchase. .
If you've never been to the FOREVER YOU shop, you must stop by! Yuliya has a cool style all her own and a great variety of clothing and clips. You can also find her Craft Show on Cafe Handmade. Find a beautiful feature about Yuliya and her sewing HERE! (I loved every moment of it). And don't miss out on her Giveaway on SYTYC.
Forever You will forever be on my list of places to shop! Now excuse me....I need to get back to my shopping....

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