Monday, December 14, 2009

Surreal Design

Looking for some totally unique clothing? Let me introduce you to:
If it wasn't 40 degrees outside, Lucy would be wearing this:
How cute is that back strap?? Hey, I'll just throw a long sleeved shirt underneath and she's set. And if you live Down Under, this works right in with your summer wardrobe!

Surreal Design, made in Australia, has a variety of cool creations. And we welcome them as our newest sponsor (you can always find her button on the top left column). It was hard deciding which of their items to show you! There are Toddler Belts (made of Japanese Fabric):

This cool Queen of Hearts tunic. Really? I love it.
And this has got to be one of the prettiest girl's necklace I've ever seen (not to mention the adorable model).
Most of these items can be found in her Etsy Shop (she ships everywhere). And if you're looking for even more, check out her Australian Shop. So much to look at. Mmmmm...

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